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One of the first things we teach our children at they learn to fend for themselves is the practicality of how to use a knife
The widow of Ian Tomlinson, who died after being pushed to the ground by a police officer during protests in 2009, said today
A woman and two children have been found dead at a house on a quiet street in Ruislip, with the deaths currently being treated
A 15-year-old boy has been taken to hospital after being stabbed in the same spot where Steven Grisales was killed after
The former Metropolitan Police commissioner has been cleared of misconduct during the phone hacking inquiry by the police
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- London Mayor Boris Johnson says that he is "obsessed" with getting more police officers on the street
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Former US police chief Bill Bratton has hit out at critics opposing the Government's consultation of
A key new arrest has been made in the ongoing phone-hacking scandal. The unnamed man apparently did not know he was going