London riot

The funeral of police shooting victim Mark Duggan is due to take place amid lingering tensions between family members and
Sheva found out his shop was being looted when he saw masked youths ransacking it on Sky News. He’s owned Clarence Convenience
A 26-year-old man shot in a car during riots in Croydon has died in hospital. The Metropolitan Police's Operation Trident
With chants of 'Whose streets? Our streets!' echoing around London, it is clear that the rioters at last feel a sense of empowerment and control because of their actions.
Driving the circuitous route from my home to Islington for lunch and a visit to a bookshop, I notice something odd. I have felt the edginess in the air since Saturday night and the first riot in Tottenham, so dangerously close to where I am.
Over the weekend parts of London descended into chaos as riots and looting spread after a protest organised around the yet