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Months before a big trip, you begin to imagine yourself in certain scenes and situations that might be encountered on your new journey. For lack of better insight, you collect your visions from movies, books, and stories told by your friends or family members...
Do we really want great institutions like the London School of Economics and Imperial College to be effectively closed to our own young people because they can't afford to live in London? I hope the universities themselves will agree that would be a terrible prospect - which is why I hope in time they'll also come to value and respect the concept of the Student Living Rent.
The four-hour meeting left me drained, outraged and embarrassed. From start to finish it was an absolute farce. The meeting had barely started before Izaakson and her solicitor were questioning the very legitimacy of the meeting itself.
London has been named the second best city in the world in which to study, according to research released on Tuesday, writes
London stands alone as a huge draw to overseas students and thus the regional providers may see more of an impact from the