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On a March evening in London's West End as a bitter wind swept through emptying streets, a coterie of men and women convened at the Borderline Club in the shadow of Foyles bookshop to pay respect to a burgeoning musical talent from Sweden.
Last month, Southwark Council approved plans for the complete redesign of London Bridge Station. It's not that we shouldn't be embracing change, but at what cost? Is the eradication of our heritage a sign of progress towards increasingly pressing demands or merely a blind move to generate revenue?
Mark Powell has a glint in his eye and his handshake is firm when he greets me in his Marshall Street shop. As one would expect from a man born in Poplar, east London, he has a no-nonsense attitude. At 50, he remains one of London's most iconic and influential bespoke tailors, having made suits for Mick Jagger, Ronnie Kray, David Bowie and Harrison Ford.
It took three years, but Howard Raymond has finally got his kingdom. The son of Paul Raymond, the real estate magnate, club
It is often reported that London has the largest population of homeless people in the UK; however it is important to remember that not having a home is a national problem.
I just got back from London where I had an amazing time! I had a chance to hang out. I worked with and coached a lot of great
There is stiff competition for the title of the world's worst bank but the Swiss shambles, UBS, must now have pushed aside the financial catastrophes that are Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS and CitiBank, to sit atop the whole stinking heap.
Recently, John Cleese told an Australian interviewer: "London is no longer an English city... it doesn't feel English." Last
Upon my first few days in London I have come to realise a few different things, including but not limited to; 1) my 'luxury
With chants of 'Whose streets? Our streets!' echoing around London, it is clear that the rioters at last feel a sense of empowerment and control because of their actions.