long-term unemployment

Millions of people could be without a job or in work they are over-qualified for within the next decade unless action is
Businesses are suffering from an increasing shortage of candidates despite the increasing number of job vacancies, in a sign
George Osborne's claim to be "getting Britain working" has been savagely undermined by official figures showing that the
The Chancellor George Osborne's plans for the long-term unemployed to carry out community service work such as picking litter
George Osborne has unveiled a major benefits clampdown that could affect hundreds of thousands of claimants currently going
On welfare the Tories are starting to develop something of a swagger. Their tails are up. Their benefits cap policy, they believe, is the answer to all problems. A wild-eyed election mode fever has taken hold of the frontbench. But that is the problem with this Government. They're less concerned with the size of the problems than the size of the headlines.
As we all know the job market currently isn't great and I'm resigned to the fact that it could be a little while before it's time to get suited and booted. In weak moments, often Tuesday mornings or after another meal of budget cornflakes, I will stray from a journalism job website and look at something else.
The five things you need to know on Friday 4th January 2012... 1) LABOUR'S NOT-SO-BLANK SHEET OF PAPER Labour leader Ed Miliband
Upon finishing my A Levels I was sold on the idea, like many of my peers were, that heading to university was the right direction to go, a step that would take me towards a rewarding career. It seemed almost alien if you opted not to go- after all; a degree was the pathway to a guaranteed job.
Long-term unemployment is the "hidden crisis" of the slow economic recovery as the jobless total looks set to peak at 2.75