lord ashdown

BRIGHTON - The Liberal Democrats were "opportunistic" in promising not to raise tuition fees, the party's former leader Paddy
Liberal Democrats should stop criticising Nick Clegg and back his leadership, former party leader Lord Ashdown has said. Writing
How would I rate Rio? 6 out of 10 - maybe even seven if, crucially, what they declared now leads to real action, rather than self satisfaction. And that's now up to our politicians.
If Rio+20 is to steer us on a path of cooperation rather than conflict and a sustainable future for our children it is vital that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and other world leaders are not afraid to dream.
Cracks in the coalition have been laid bare today as senior politicians clashed on the importance of reforming the House
The House of Lords is nothing more than a "gilded poop scoop" that clears up the mess made by MPs in the Commons, former
Plans to expand the powers of the intelligence agencies to spy on emails and phone calls would break the coalition agreement
The question everyone wants to know is who will play Rebekah Brooks in the hypothetical film of the phone hacking saga. On