Lord Carey

Britain risks becoming a totalitarian state as a result of gay marriage and could go the way of Nazi Germany, Tory opponents
The Leader of the House of Commons has insisted the Government was right to contest a European legal challenge over religious
Discrimination against Christians is rife in the workplace, with religious groups warning that the cases of four Christians
Christians are being "persecuted" and "driven underground" while the courts fail to protect their religious values, a former
Why should a man and a woman have the exclusive right of exchanging their lifelong promise to each other in the presence of God? What makes me different? I swore an oath to God that I'd protect Queen and Country as a young 16-year-old boy facing military service. Why shouldn't I be afforded the same respect from a faith that I have served so well?
MPs, peers and religious leaders have launched a petition in an attempt to block government plans to "redefine" marriage
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has voiced his opposition to plans to legalise same-sex marriages. In an article
Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has criticised the bishops behind blocking the government's welfare reform proposals
Legal action will be taken to evict protesters camped outside the Cathedral, the City of London Corporation has announced