Lord Carlile

Theresa May has distanced herself from a hint by David Cameron that the Government's data surveillance bill could be fast
The "demonisation" of British spies and police should stop, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation has
It is up to anti-death penalty advocates like the British government to now make their voices heard. The ICT's first round of executions may start in less than a month. If they are not halted, Bangladesh may enter a dark chapter in its history.
Victims who suffered "decades of abuse" at a special needs school are being urged to come forward by police who have set
The family of Babar Ahmad, a terror suspect held in a British prison have said they will appeal a decision by the European
Ashraf residents must believe that theirs is a story of betrayal. It was the US, after all, that, after liberating Iraq, promised to protect them if they agreed to disarm. The US is out of Iraq, but the residents are far from safe. A second betrayal is now in the making. For a body such as the United Nations, silence in the face of oppression is nothing short of scandalous.
The headmaster of a Catholic school in West London has apologised for “past failures” that resulted in decades of sexual
The UK is "something of a hub for the development of terrorists", the Government's former independent reviewer of terrorism