Lord Dannatt

The five things you need to know on Thursday June 18, 2015... LUXEMBOURG COMPROMISE? It’s D-Day again for Greece as yet another
A former head of the army has said we must "think the previously unthinkable" and consider sending soldiers to fight Islamic
On 4 October, Lord Dannatt, who was introduced as a former 'Chief of The General Staff and Head of the Army for several years
Prime Minister Cameron was right to rule out any co-operation with Assad in the fight against ISIS. He was also right not to seek Parliament's support for possible action in Syria. In the House of Lords, former Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt warned that "attacking ISIL in Iraq but not in Syria is dealing with half the problem"...
A former general's claim that voting Yes to Scottish independence would "let down" Scots who fought in Northern Ireland to
Last year David Cameron pledged his support to President Obama in confronting the Syrian regime. The pledge was wrecked by Ed Miliband, for narrow political advantage. Had action been taken a year ago, we wouldn't have heard of ISIL/ISIS and its latest incarnation, so-called IS.
Britain should not be "squeamish" about an alliance with Syrian President Bashar Assad to defeat the radical jihadists of
In light of the Ukraine crisis and fears of further land grabs from Russia, Britain should make a "military statement" to
The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation after former military chiefs were reported to have boasted about lobbying