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Are you really annoying? If so, good news, you can carry on irritating people without fear of arrest. The coalition wants
The ten things you need to know on Wednesday 5 June 2013... 1) NOW CHILD BENEFIT, TOO? REALLY? Remember how Labour frontbenchers
The House of Lords has crushed an attempt to kill off the gay marriage Bill by 390 votes to 148 - a majority of 242 in favour
Lord Hylton, a crossbencher and one of the few remaining hereditary peers in parliament, has a problem with gay marriage
Members of the House of Lords raised fears of polygamy, incest and lesbian Queens as they staged a last ditch attempt to
The debate on gay marriage fell through the looking glass on Monday, as the peer leading opposition to same-sex weddings
The government has heeded warnings that its gay marriage Bill would have been at risk if it stuck to plans to make members
Gay marriage advocates have warned that the same-sex marriage Bill could be put at risk by a late night vote in the House
Rowan Atkinson has launched a campaign demanding a change in a law that risks limiting free expression and feeds a 'creeping