lord rennard

Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard has stood down from the party's ruling Federal Executive, amid pressure from Tim Farron and other
Lord Rennard has had his suspension from the Liberal Democrats lifted after disciplinary action linked to allegations of
Embattled Nick Clegg faces a fresh crisis after former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard finally apologised to
Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 30 May 2014... 1) WHITEWASH? It's not often I agree 100% with the splash
Update: The House of Commons said it had records of 8 employment tribunal causes involving MPs' staff since May 2010, but
A third of young aides claim to have been victims of drunken MPs, it can be revealed following the conclusion of the Nigel
Politicians don't 'do' sorry. With the exception of Nick Clegg, who can say sorry with some considerable style and start memes with equal aplomb, most politicians would rather engage in various forms of linguistic gymnastics rather than let the actual word 'sorry' escape from their lips.
Quick news quiz question: who, this week, was arrested for DUI and drag racing? Was it a) Justin Bieber or b) the Director
Do you want my alternative take on the Lib Dem sex scandals, the attempt to arrest Tony Blair, Ed 'The Arsonist' Miliband and the Ukip weather forecast? Here it is in 60 seconds...
"My boyfriend bought me a vegetarian cookbook for Christmas...even though I'm not one," she laughed. Our eyes met and we smiled. Funny, but if a man I was hopeful about gave me a vegetarian cookbook for Christmas, knowing that I'm not one, I think I would run faster than you could say "Jack Rabbit".