Lord's Prayer

Pope Francis has called for a better translation of a phrase about temptation in the Lord’s Prayer. Currently, the wording
"Prayer is for everyone #justpray," it says at the end of the Church of England's banned advertisement which features what
I disagree with their decision and I disagree with the reasons they have given. I hope it's reversed. I don't believe the film will offend or upset audiences, in the way they mean, and I don't believe it creates a new precedent. But from the point of view of global corporations and consumer culture, from the perspective of the gods and spirits of the age, there are very good reasons indeed to ban the Lord's Prayer from cinemas and from culture and from public life...
Britain's most famous atheist has leapt to the defence of The Church of England after UK cinemas refused to show an advert
But do we have to let aloneness define who we are? Or can alone time, however it arises, offer the opportunity to dig deeper and find hidden resources? That's what happened to me. I found that a sense of alienation didn't necessarily need company in order to be subdued.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the Lord's Prayer should be taught in school, as a survey reveals that almost