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A woman has claimed that she has the winning £33 million Lotto ticket - but she accidentally erased the bar code by putting
The UK press has reported that a judge recently ordered a restaurant owner to split half of a million pound lottery prize with his waiter, because of a dream foretelling the future. The boss of a Turkish restaurant in York, England, bought the winning lottery ticket following a vivid dream experienced by his superstitious employee, predicting the win.
One ticketholder won last night's Lotto jackpot of £3.6 million, Camelot said. The winning numbers were 12, 11, 42, 01, 13
There are things outside of our control that affect our luck which can have an arresting effect on career prospects. Let's break down what feeds into making us lucky:
Tonight's £157 million EuroMillions draw could make one lucky ticket holder the UK's second biggest National Lottery jackpot
A Briton has scooped a mind-boggling £81 million by landing the EuroMillions jackpot. The mystery winner's gargantuan haul
Two winners shared the weekend Lotto jackpot of £4.2 million, Camelot has said. The winning numbers were 40, 31, 6, 37, 8
Research reveals that more than one in 10 Brits would invest in cosmetic surgery as their first purchase if they won the
Only 59% of millionaires who won the National Lottery gave up work straight after their life-changing windfalls, a new study
Britain's second-biggest Lottery winners have said they want to share their £148.6 jackpot and use the money to help others