Lottery bosses have warned they will take action against people who try to con them out of a massive £33 million jackpot
A woman has claimed that she has the winning £33 million Lotto ticket - but she accidentally erased the bar code by putting
The husband and wife who have won half of the UK's biggest-ever Lotto jackpot have said they could donate to flood victims
Camelot bosses have defended the decision to double the price of a national lottery ticket to £2. The increase in the cost
Putting on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe is like getting into the hopper that selects lotto numbers and punching the balls until, maybe, the desired numbers come up.
A hard-up mother-of-two has admitted she is so money-conscious that she had concerns about phoning the hotline to claim her
Two winners shared the weekend Lotto jackpot of £4.2 million, Camelot has said. The winning numbers were 40, 31, 6, 37, 8
It could be a very happy Christmas for one mystery lottery winner, but time is running out for the potential multimillionaire
I hate reading news stories of recent lottery winners. Call me bitter but why would I take any pleasure in hearing about how Dave and Sharon from Rotherham are planning to spend their winnings.
There are still 21 missing millionaires from Friday's record-breaking Olympics lottery draw, Camelot said today. So far, 79