The gunmetal silver Lotus Roadster thunders into the car park of the 12th largest shopping centre in the world, the Bashundhara
Lights are out this weekend in Melbourne and Sunday afternoons will ring loudly with the grunt of a hybrid V6. Okay, that will never get the excitement going...but for the petrolhead fans out there our off season is complete and it is time for the greatest race on Earth to begin once again.
EMC and Lotus F1 have teamed up for a record-breaking stunt, as a giant semi-truck jumped a distance of 83 ft and 7 inches
The world of Formula 1 is an incredibly fast evolving sport - by the end of the season cars that only a few months earlier
One of the most famous brands in motorsport will make its return to Formula 1 this year after Williams F1 announced a deal
Eric Boullier has been appointed to the newly-created role of racing director at McLaren. Boullier resigned from his post
Eric Boullier is expected to be named as the new team principal at McLaren after resigning from the same role at Lotus. Lotus
Lotus F1 Team have announced the production of a new feature length film exploring the future of F1 in the year 2030. 'Human
The British Grand Prix provided the latest drama to an already touchy subject in 2013...tyres. The exploding tire issues claimed five left-rear tires during the weekend and while Pirelli are keen to get tot he bottom of the issue, speculation as to the cause has ranged from steel belts to serrated curbs and low tire pressure.
Romain Grosjean is into his second year with Lotus after returning to Formula 1 in 2011 and will be on track this weekend