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Louis with his old band The Rogues But his new tribute tat isn't his only fresh ink, as he looks to have had a massive new
Louis Tomlinson has hit out at The Mirror newspaper after his estranged father gave an interview about wanting to reunite
Louis Tomlinson doesn't get many solo lines in One Direction songs so he's decided to mark his most famous one with a permanent
Quite why One Direction are insisting on covering their bodies in naff tattoos is still a mystery to us, but they're still
It's no secret that One Direction and The Wanted are not exactly the best of friends, but Louis Tomlinson's latest comments
If you've ever dreamed of waking up to find One Direction in your bathroom (ahem), now you can (kinda). Harry, Niall, Zayn
The One Direction star turned up to support Adam, who is trying win the 13th spot as an X Factor finalist, as he laid on
They've been in the industry for two years now, so you'd think One Direction would be used to their fans' antics - but the
We already know that One Direction are making a splash in the States, but Louis Tomlinson looks to have taken it literally
Louis Tomlinson's V Festival weekend got off to a bad start when his need for speed got him into trouble with the law. The
Louis Tomlinson may be looking to secure himself financially when his One Direction days are over but a recent investment
Prepare yourself ladies (and gents) - Niall Horan has posted a photo of what appears to be Louis Tomlinson naked in the shower
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Quick profile fact: He lists his favourite song as being Baby by Justin Bieber, and his email adress was da_pimp_is_here__
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has been apart from his model girlfriend for what, ooooh at least a week. So you can understand
Those poor One Direction girlfriends have a rough ride. Not only do they have to put up with the the bands' crazed fans (and
We love it when we get to snoop around a celebrity home. Mainly because it means we get to do our Lloyd Grossman impression
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have proved what daredevils they are by doing a 192m bunjee jump. The lads
They came back home last night ahead of tonight's Brit Awards, where they are nomiated for Best British Single for What Makes