Love Food, Hate Waste

Having given this some thought, I concluded that shopping for food online has enabled me to adopt three relatively simple but hugely important new behaviours that I was previously failing to perform when shopping for food in the supermarket, after work and without a plan. These are:
You're probably having 'the chat' at the water cooler this week. Perhaps you've started calling your mates to muster up ideas. If you're super organised, you've already Googled "how to decide what to give up for Lent" at least twice by now.
I want to talk about money. For some time, I've been racking my brain thinking of realistic ways I can be better off, when I came to a realisation. Rather than be consumed by the endless quest for more, why not make the most of what I already have.
I looked in my freezer to see what I have, I bought a whole load of reduced mince beef for £4 a while ago, I just put separated it all and froze them separately, that will do! Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of the challenge I present to you my recipe for Black Country kebabs, with fried paprika onions and tomato salsa...
To reduce your carbon footprint, think about the foods you eat: Stick to seasonal fruit and vegetables - they will need less watering and artificial heat to grow - and focus on local produce that doesn't require much air travel and cut down on products such as meat that require a lot of water and release a large amount of greenhouse gases in the production process.
I'm sure we've all seen it in our flat, house, friend or family's home. A pile of food sitting on the worktop rotting away. Or that piece of fruit that we forgot to throw out which has morphed into a blue-green furry alien.