low interest rates

Mark Carney has been urged by MPs to spare mortgage-holders and other borrowers the "misery" of interest rates rising too
Bank of England officials have decided to keep interest rates low, fearing that rising them too quickly could "leave the
Mortgage holders may not be able to cope with the extra financial pressure when interest rates rise, Royal Bank of Scotland's
The Bank of England may "have to move more quickly" to raise interest rates if the economic recovery does not see productivity
One of the Mansion House speeches from George Osborne and Mark Carney on Thursday was set to grab the headlines. George Osborne's speech about increased regulation of currency markets has been a long time coming, with plans to extend legislation over LIBOR fixings to cover other benchmarks...
Interest rates could rise in Britain from their historic five-year low of 0.5% sooner than expected, Bank of England governor
George Osborne has welcomed American economist Kristin Forbes as a new member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee
Britain is not seeing another house market bubble, according to Bank of England policymaker Ben Broadbent. Broadbent, who
Bank of England policymakers have stuck to their plan to only start raising interest rates next spring despite pressure to
Interest rates are "most likely" to rise as soon as spring next year, in a move that would potentially hit families and small