Corbyn simply embodies a Labour Party which, to them, is finally doing what a left-wing party ought to do. Perhaps some less ideologically-driven Labour members will have peeled off from Corbyn simply in the hope of ending the chaos. But in Salford on Saturday, Corbynmania was alive and well.
Lowry. Apparently you either love him or hate him. I wasn't sure where that left me, given that prior to visiting this exhibition, I was pretty ambivalent on the man and his work. After seeing this exhibition though, I am a convert.
Several months ago I decided to spend £70 on nine contemporary dance classes. I gave it pretty much no thought beyond: 'this could improve my writing' and 'this would give me something to do on a Monday night besides steadily, doggedly working my way through All The Netflix'.
An anti-drugs operation led police to LS Lowry masterpieces worth £1.7 million which had been snatched in a violent robbery