Being able to sing like Luciano Pavarotti is impressive. Being able to sing like Queen's Freddie Mercury is also impressive
I started as the main resident DJ at Cafe Mambo 18 years ago back in 1996 and it was set up very differently to how it is now. I used to play the whole night, every night, all summer. Sets ranged from 7 hours to up to nine hours long from before the sunset until the bar closed.
My eye was caught by the largest of these graves, at the very bottom, the name 'Luciano Pavarotti', his date of birth and date of death. Gifts left in front of it, small toys and sealed letters. With the cameras pointed at us, Charlotte and I spoke about the great man and what it was like to be at this monumental site in his hometown... I almost cried.
Colin Miller was recently stunned to find his application for a Barclays personalised photo card had been turned down - after
Until Luciano Pavarotti's death back in 2007, Colin Miller was a professional Pavarotti impersonator, with his career in