Lucy Beale

Tension is rising in ‘EastEnders’, following Max Branning’s arrest, and in tonight’s show (30 July) Abi Branning becomes
The ‘EastEnders’ drama is set to go up a notch on Monday (27 July), as Max Branning and Ben Mitchell face further questioning
‘EastEnders’ fans were left on the edge of their seats on Friday night, as Ben Mitchell was arrested for Lucy Beale's murder
The hunt for Lucy Beale’s killer is set to step up a notch in ‘EastEnders’, when a witness comes forward with new information
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Peter Beale's finest moment Actor Ben Hardy, who plays Peter, revealed late last
The whole cast of ‘EastEnders’ are currently up in arms trying to get to the bottom of the Lucy Beale murder case - so who’d
It's been a rollercoaster ride in Soapland, and ‘Coronation Street’ kicked off the year with one of the most emotional storylines
'EastEnders' fans will finally discover who killed Lucy Beale's during a whole week of live episodes to mark the 30th anniversary
Tuesday night looks set to bring yet more action in the latest episode of ‘EastEnders’, as the Lucy Beale murder storyline
Ian Beale is at the centre of an emotional dispute which unfolds at his daughter Lucy’s funeral in tonight’s (20 May) ‘EastEnders