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On Transgender Day of Remembrance we remember trans people who have lost their lives in the face of ignorance, oppression
There are between 65,000 and 300,000 transgender people in the UK, and everyone, including politicians, need to challenge the unthinking attitudes that often pervade about transgender people, and that begins by at least talking about them. In a small way, this could move the debate forward, put it on the political landscape and reframe the debate into something more positive.
A coroner has launched a scathing attack on the "sensational and salacious" press coverage of a transgender teacher who later
Over 4000 people have signed an online petition calling for a public apology from the Daily Mail and for the Editor to sack Richard Littlejohn. I, however am indifferent if he loses his job at the Mail or not; he's a journalist and will find other avenues for his transphobic and homophobic rants
In the past week pupils at St Mary Magdalen's Church of England Primary School in Accrington, Lancashire, have learned of the sudden death of their teacher, Miss Meadows. While we do not yet know the cause of death, many believe that Meadows took her own life on Tuesday afternoon.
A firebrand Daily Mail columnist has faced online wrath in the wake of the death of a transgender primary school teacher
A primary school teacher who began a new term as a woman after transitioning from male to female has been found dead. Pupils