Luis Suarez bites

Luis Suarez's vampiric escapade at this year's World Cup in Brazil was one of the bigger news stories to come out of the
The Spanish giants announced his signing, subject to medical, yesterday, at a cost of around £75million. A move to Spain is one which Suarez has long hankered after, so maybe his action was less career suicide, more cunning strategy.
It seems crazy that a man in his position and with so much at stake, can so simply break the rules instilled into us all at nursery school to 'be nice and don't bite people'... the fact that it is so abhorrent to the majority of us shows us that he must be operating from some 'other than normal level' of functioning.
How important are character strengths such as self-control when it comes to winning football matches? Surely you wouldn't risk being sent off for a nudge or an elbow, would you? Unless you couldn't help yourself.
Luis Suarez has said he did not bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on purpose at the World Cup, but that he "lost balance" and
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This is a man who lives and plays on the edge, who will try to seek any competitive advantage for himself or his team. When this desire degenerates into the ugly and often violent scenes that have littered Suarez's impressive career, it becomes difficult to see the Uruguayan ever paralleling true modern greats such as Messi or Ronaldo.
Bruce Springsteen has become the most international figure yet to speak out on Luis Suárez's controversial munch of Giorgio
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The biting escapades of Uruguay's talismanic and apparently vaguely cannibalistic striker Luis Suarez are well documented