Lukas Podolski

After winning a World Cup and having played for some of Europe's best clubs, you'd expect Lukas Podolski to do a bit better
The Premier League season is in full swing and already we are getting a glimpse of who will be claiming the individual awards come May. For some, however, life at their current club has become tough and these five must make a move in January before it's too late.
With three weeks to go until transfer deadline day, Manchester United find themselves in a similar position to last year
For Germany to add a fourth star - after three World Cup wins to date - the onus is consequently on previous fringe players to take advantage of a golden opportunity to be held in the same breath as other German greats...
Germany coach Joachim Löw has named a preliminary squad of 30 players for the World Cup finals in Brazil, with Fiorentina
Sam Allardyce has come to represent everything Arsenal have feared during their barren run. He has managed inferior teams
If 100 football supporters were asked which team took a selfie after winning a game, then almost all of them would say Arsenal
Appoint a winger and/or a striker armed with quick feet in front of a passing surgeon outfit with the likes of Özil, and Stoke will struggle any day of the week. This is what Arsenal failed to do and exactly why they need pacy front men to unlock defences like Stoke's.
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was baffled referee Howard Webb didn't award Luis Suárez a second penalty in their FA Cup
Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger says he is "embarrassed" for José Mourinho after the Chelsea boss said he was an "expert in