Teh Internet is Serious Business (typo deliberate) at the Royal Court is a really exciting, dynamic production about collaborative hacktivism. Anonymous, LulzSec and 4Chan are all included in this show that blurs fact with fiction as it seeks to reflect the good and the sinister about lives lived online.
The self-proclaimed leader of hacking group LulzSec has been arrested in Australia. An as-yet unnamed 24-year-old senior
A 26-year-old has pleaded guilty to hacking websites of major institutions including the National Health Service, Sony and
If men and women want to understand each other more, and get along better, they might need to better grasp key differences in their brains, and make neurological allowances.
A group of hackers has leaked more than a million unique iPhone ID after claiming to have breached an FBI laptop. The news
When the massive international cyber attack known as Flame was discovered at the end of May 2012, it was called, without
Two members of the LulzSec hacking group have pleaded guilty to attacking high-profile websites. But the men - Ryan Cleary
An alleged hacker accused of conspiring to bring down the websites of the CIA and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency
A hacker who claims to be behind the release of highly-sensitive telephone conversations on Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist
The leader of the hacking group TeamPoison ('TeaMp0isoN') is a pretty old hand when it comes to carving up government security