Police investigating 'hacktivist' collectives Anonymous and LulzSec have issued a statement warning the groups they risk
A few weeks ago the hacktivist group LulzSec - who previously rapidly disbanded as a police operation closed in on them - claimed
A man from the Shetland Islands has been charged with computer offences by police investigating hacking attacks.
A teenager has been arrested in the Shetland Islands as part of the Metropolitan police's probe into the online groups who
The loose collective of hackers known as Anonymous say they have hacked Nato and accessed an enormous cache of data, documents
News International may well have damaged the British state in a way that AntiSec -- the latest incarnation of the amorphous hacker collective -- could only dream of.
Two weeks ago, police officers from Scotland Yard arrested a 19-year-old Internet hacker named Ryan Cleary at his mother's