A 43-year-old man was treated for severe lung inflammation after buying new bedding.
The researchers recommend using microfibre cloths and water instead of chemical cleaning products.
Stoptober is upon us and thousands of people around the UK are trying to quit cigarettes and alcohol for an entire month. First of all, well done to all taking part! Giving up something you love is not easy but you will feel better for it!
Asthma could be a condition resigned to history, as scientists claim to have worked out how they can ‘switch off’ asthma
Toxic levels of air pollution are predicted to continue for at least another nine years. In this time, long-term damage will be done to millions of children's lungs. Pollution reduces children's lung growth, it irritates their airways and makes conditions like asthma worse.
Today is the awareness day for a condition I have lived with for around 17 years called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is a life-long condition that makes it difficult to empty air out of your lungs because the airways have been narrowed. Though you've probably never heard of it, around 1.2m people in the UK are diagnosed.
Every year approximately 1400 people die from asthma in the UK, more than the number of deaths from asthma in Austria, Finland
What we do know is that IPF can affect adults of all ages, and that it often kills with devastating speed: barely half those diagnosed with IPF are still alive three years later, and just one in five will survive five years.
New research has shown that despite electronic cigarettes being marketed as a potentially safer alternative to normal cigarettes
According to recent statistics by Forum of international Respiratory Societies (FIRS), British people are ignoring the dangers