Animal welfare experts and MPs have been left "genuinely shocked," by the news that hundreds of retired British military
Animal welfare experts have responded furiously to the news that hundreds of military dogs have been put down by the Ministry
Two military guard dogs used for protection on the base where Prince William was stationed have been put down after the Duke
So far I haven't spotted Lupo the royal dog in any of the coverage of the birth of Prince George. I am working on the assumption that their beloved Cocker Spaniel is at home with Kate's parents, as he is from a litter of the Middleton's family dog Ella. It would be great to find out though as I would wholeheartedly welcome them being a shining example of how the birth of a baby and the ownership of a dog can be managed.
I was pretty pleased to read that Kate Middleton now owns Lupo the Cocker Spaniel puppy. Hurrah! More royal distinction for the humble Spaniel, which has long been overlooked in favour of the decidedly less regal-looking Corgi.