“Callum is gonna choose Molly based on short-term feelings and lust, then find out that they actually have nothing else to build from. It happens every year.”
"When you find that their well-being is a higher priority than your cravings, you’re in love.”
'Sexuality is incredibly diverse, it’s incredibly subjective, it’s beautiful.'
Bare breasts, sexually-charged scenes and dominant women: these are just some of the themes that surround a groundbreaking
Almost everyday I receive messages from men insisting that they would like to "hook up" with me, they will start the conversation with "you're beautiful" which (with me being slightly naive) I thought was quite flattering. Within seconds they ask "how big are you?". Within seconds they ask "how big are you?", no they are not asking for my height, then they'll say "send a pic?" and most of the time its not a picture of my face they want to see.
In this blog post, I will be as transparent and honest about my own personal experiences of being one of those women who CHOOSE to never learn their lesson, and hopefully, I will be able to give some clarity to why this is such a common predicament, and why it always will be.
It's so easy to get married, and yet with the divorce rate at an all-time high, it seems not so easy to stay married. There is so much written on the subject of how to have a happy marriage, and most notably by people on their second or third... These are people who have learned some valuable lessons through trial and error.
By showcasing pornography made by and for women, Dusk has become part of a growing sea change in the porn industry.