"The man who was operating the hot air balloon tried to land and unfortunately because of the strong winds he crashed to the ground".
Is it safe to take a balloon ride in Luxor? A South African was killed in a hot air balloon ride in Luxor this past week.
I first visited the country ten years ago, as a young girl in love. At the end of last year, I returned, and other than the coral reefs, it was not the frightful and disappointing experience the scare mongering public and media would have you believe.
Over the years I reckon we've all had our run-ins with dress code authoritarianism. Requirements to wear suits ("lounge suits"). Being told you've got to wear a shirt with a collar. Or a tie. The need to turn up in "smart" attire. Or footwear that isn't a pair of trainers. Or trousers that aren't tracksuit bottoms. Tops that aren't football shirts ...
Is it safe to visit Egypt again after the recent unrest, and is a cruise the best way to see the ancient wonders of the Nile? As a cruise 'virgin' eager to visit the Valley of the Kings, I chose to tick both experiences off my to-do list with a Nile River cruise.
Plagued by unrest for the past four years, Egypt's tourist sector has seen a sharp decline making now the perfect time to visit if you want to experience its rich history without the crowds.
A jolt of excitement ran through the house as it was announced that the butcher Ahmad Najjar had arrived. Ahmad was in the El Azba area of Barat, a village on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt, to slaughter a sheep for twenty-two year old Mohammed Sakkar's family on Eid al-Adha, one of the most important Muslim festivals of the year...
A Chinese teenager has vandalised a 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple relic - by carving his name into it. The 15-year-old was
Just like anyone with a fear of heights I felt slightly nauseous looking over the edge. Watching the amateur footage of the explosion and subsequent crash, however, made me feel physically sick. I have a tendency to think the worst is always going to happen, but for those people it actually did.
A mother whose son and his partner were killed in the Luxor hot air balloon disaster has described the couple as "wonderfully