Lynne Brown

A satirical take on what we think Eskom CEO Brian Molefe's Facebook page would look like.
The reappointment of Brian Molefe is unleashing a political firestorm of note.
"If we think we're bluffing the public we've got a thing coming."
If we were the ghostwriters of Brian Molefe's Facebook account, this is what it would say.
The public enterprises minister says she was under the impression that he had resigned when he left in 2016. 
"Having had the opportunity to properly appraise the issues I have decided that I will abide by the court’s decision on the legality of Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom."
A new investigation suggests Eskom may have helped the Guptas buy a mine.
But it is unclear how the newly reappointed CEO, who voluntarily resigned, could have qualified for a retrenchment payout.
The public enterprises committee has agreed to call them before the committee to account for the “Molefe fiasco as well as the disastrous state of Eskom”.
Leaders should be expected to act with fairness, integrity and in trust, and to use these intangible values to shape inclusive and accountable institutions.
Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has warned of job losses should coal power plants be shut down.
Investigation into Eskom was cut short after just three months