Machu Picchu

Ever since the infamous “Gap Yah” video was released in 2010, taking a year out has been seen as an opportunity for privileged
Our favourite funny man is seeing the ancient sites and taking us along with him. Sort of.
He has been identified as 51-year-old Oliver Park.
A German tourist has died after falling from a cliff while attempting to get a photo of himself at the ancient site of Machu
Travel for the sake of tick boxes not only undermines even the most basic reasons for travelling, but distills whole nations into one landmark, one ruin, one temple. A country is more than the sum of its famous places. And you can circumnavigate without ever leaving the Southern Ocean, thus never seeing or steeping foot in any country at all.
Working in travel is one of the most exciting, rewarding occupations in the world; being passionate about exploring the globe is just part and parcel of being successful in the industry, so it pays to be well-travelled. But where are the ultimate, ultimate places that travel experts want to go?
Our journey in Peru began on the beach of Máncora. Here we cruised the town in motorcycle taxis, sunbathed on the beach, and enjoyed fresh ceviche. Continuing south by bus, we landed in the Miraflores distric of Lima. This was the perfect place to recharge before heading up into the Andes Mountains.
"Snapped this majestic shot of Machu Picchu," writes Redditor thibodeaut: Of course, this friendly llama isn't the first
Indeed, extreme holidays such as climbing Kilimanjaro, walking the Inca trail have become the holiday type of choice for those seeking something new. Of course the pleasures of trekking in the world's highest mountain ranges cannot be overstated. Neither can the dangers.