Macklemore has pledged to donate the proceeds from his song, ‘Same Love’, to help campaigns for marriage equality in Australia
Throughout musical history there have been certain songs that have become synonymous with defining a certain time or feeling
Rapper Macklemore (a.k.a Ben Haggerty) belatedly confirmed the birth of his daughter by releasing a song. Macklemore's fiancée
I recently edited an article called Rapping About Addiction and it was a useful opportunity to overcome my own prejudices
When I heard 'Same Love' for the first time, it blew me away. I had never heard anything like it, and I never hoped to imagine hearing anything like it in my lifetime. The fact that it was by a straight man, whatever his colour, made those words all the more pertinent and, for me, touching.
Let's go back to the beginning and start with Madonna and me. Against what some people think is the gay 'stereotype', I'm not really one of her fans. However, my actions after watching her arrival on the red carpet and then performance, I played true to stereotype and took to social media to comment on her appearance.
Are pop singers exploiting gay people? Mykki Blanco certainly thinks so. Le1f thinks so. These might just sound like fringe elements on the music scene, but there's a growing number of people that think that the way some pop music is being targeted towards gay people has ventured into exploitation territory - and Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Macklemore and Katy Perry are all coming under fire for it.