Made In Britain

Luckily, there are more and more clothing companies dedicated to offering clothing made using ethical means such as employing factory workers who have safe working conditions and a decent wage, as well as using natural materials such as linen, organic cotton and wool.
In September we ran a Sustainable Fashion month, guest edited by Livia Firth, and it schooled us in how and what we buy. On
Every time you buy British goods that are made with skilled labour, you're not only creating jobs for British workers, you are also keeping skills alive in this country. Often these skills have been handed down through the generations. It's about culture, tradition, heritage and history as much as it is about the thing you buy.
"I want Britain to be the place international businesses go to, not the place they leave. Let it be heard clearly around
The 'Made in Britain' label, it seems, is making a comeback. Marks & Spencer has done it for the high street, Mary Portas has done it for knickers, and my maternity wear label Tiffany Rose has done it for the plethora of pregnant women out there looking for beautiful, flattering and well-made dresses.
George Osborne's Budget announcement last week - a Budget for the 'Makers, Savers and Doers' of Britain - has sparked positive reactions across British industry, gaining admiration even from the sceptics.
Easter, to many, is all about bunnies, chocolate eggs and candy. Chocolate manufacturing is on the decline in the UK so this year I decided to feature British-made eggs. With eggs from one of the best chocolatiers in London to a high street supermarket, there is something for everyone.
Earlier this year I announced that Julien Macdonald (the brand) was launching a private client, made-to-measure service in house at my studio, keeping the whole Made in Britain theme alive, especially in this Jubilee year!
You only have to watch the crowds of visitors transfixed by the films in Power of Making to realise that people remain fascinated by how things are made. Yet, for a gamut of reasons that began with the industrial revolution and encompass globalisation as well as technological advances, our chance to have direct contact with makers and making has decreased considerably.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A campaign for a new Made in Britain marque for products manufactured in this country has produced a