Made in Chelsea Review

As Spencer promised, he wasn't giving up on Billie, and it couldn't have turned out better for him. Stevie is totally besotted by his former lover Stephanie and when he eventually gets round to telling Billie she is not best pleased. She tells him, "I'm not some girl you use to get over your ex".
‘Made In Chelsea’ star Alex Mytton really should have learnt how to tell the truth by now, shouldn’t he? Just when you thought
There were more tears in the latest episode of ‘Made In Chelsea’ as Binky Felstead discovered her former boyfriend Alex Mytton
Chelsea's latest love rat, or sorely misjudged? Alex Mytton gets to try on Spencer clothes in the new series So, before the
For this week's episode of 'Made in Chelsea', the gang went a fair way further than their usual haunts, in fact all the way
Spencer, pantomime villain credentials fully intact The scriptwriters, sorry, I mean producers, finding something for Francis
Remember how I said not to trust Jamie for relationship advice? Yeah, I'm not sure he's the best wingman on a double date either. "Who's the best kisser out of Lucy and Binky" - I mean really, really!?
Not a classic episode of 'Made in Chelsea' this week, by which I mean not enough sightings of either Francis Boulle or Mark
Wounds were in the process of healing, but then Phoebe and Louise's late night escape rubbed salt into these wounds. I hoped the break would mend the damage within the girl group, but instead new bridges were built over the debris of others.
Seeing as the episodes of 'Made In Chelsea' have now become so interchangeable, with Jamie swapping between Lucy Watson and