Made of Stone

Some lucky Stone Roses fans are still recovering from the emotional outlay of seeing their favourite band AND Shane Meadows
It seems like the dream ticket - This is England film director Shane Meadows takes on the task of documenting the comeback of legendary band, the Stone Roses. Quality director, seminal band, what's not to like? Well, quite a lot as it turns out...
4starsentertainment Everybody has one band, for whom judgement is put aside, critical faculties are suspended, disproportionate amounts of cash and effort spent - the one whose tunes are hardwired into our cells, on an album that inevitably makes its way onto the stereo at the end of every big night. For Shane Meadows it is the Stone Roses. Made of Stone is his explanation.
The Stone Roses were together once more in Manchester on Thursday evening for the world premiere of Shane Meadows' film - 'Made