Maggie Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher began plotting to defeat the coal miners from the day she took office, according to her official biography
I am deeply disturbed by the volume of misogynistic vitriol being spouted by certain members of the British public in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death. What disturbs me the most is not that people are aggressively disagreeing with her politics, but that people are genuinely rejoicing at the death of another person - a mother and a grandmother.
Baroness Thatcher did not want a state funeral and thought a fly-past over the service would be a "waste of money", her friend
During her time in Downing Street, some of Lady Thatcher's sternest critics were to be found not in Parliament but on the
Margaret Thatcher is despised by many left-leaning Britons. However, how many of our former prime ministers are loved? We British have a need to take down uppity people. Margaret Thatcher, however, was something special.
100 young people from all over the country flocked to London on Tuesday 10th April to offer a glimpse of Britain’s political
Meryl Streep has revealed that she wanted to show the "human being" behind Margaret Thatcher's fearsome reputation. The Oscar
The Iron Lady is among us, with Meryl Streep's uncanny portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, both in her dotage and - through flashback