Magnus Gjoen

Here is a little summary of the opening night of his second solo exhibition MONSTER with Hang-Up Gallery. The space in Stoke Newington was packed with collectors who had come to celebrate the works which explore a new fantastical and graphic direction for the artist.
In anticipation for his upcoming solo show 'Monster', Carla Nizzola and I visited Magnus Gjoen's new Hackney studio set up to pick his brain on the inspirations behind his most refined collection to date.
Approaching the end of 2013, there is hardly a better way to celebrate it, than to give you an eloquent and visually captivating narrative of the personalities, sentiments, mechanisms and styles behind the Hang-Up family. All the images below tell a different story and give insights to some of the most compelling, perplexing, exciting and happy moments for us in 2013...
What is the message that Hang-Up carry across? We are lucky to have some really talented artists on our books but we steer
What are you hoping to get from showing at Moniker with Hang-Up Gallery? I'm always looking to raise my profile and open