When discussing International Alert's work in conflict regions with colleagues, associates, donors, etc., I sometimes feel
Brother Faisal at the Right Sector rally in Maidan Square The racists of Broadstairs do not wear uniforms, but they walk
In an interview with BBC "Newsnight" on Monday, former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich defended himself against claims
I was asked to review Sergei Loznitsa's new documentary record of the Ukraine protest movement Maïdan for Radio 4's Front Row programme this month. It's a timely film. Russia's black propaganda efforts since Maidan have been unrelenting...
I grew up in a country where people with abilities don't have authority and people with authority don't have abilities. And now, just a week before parliamentary elections in Ukraine, I can say that it still remains this way.
The remaining protesters occupying Kiev’s Independence Square were confronted by Ukrainian authorities on Thursday, with
Do the stories of ordinary people get left behind in the day-to-day reporting and the dour political analysis of international
The Ukrainian parliament has voted in favour of stripping a law that could allow for the release of country's former Prime
Dead anti-government protesters lie covered after clashing with police UPDATE: According to the BBC, the Ukrainian parliament
Dead anti-government protesters lie covered after clashing with police More from the Press Association: Diplomats in Brussels