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"I never thought in my life I would get an arranged marriage," James Masih tells the Huffington Post UK. The Londoner met
What's worrying is the way that the likes of Tinder and Happn have drained the depth out of the art of conversation. Creating a trivialised space where we can play 'shop', but with actual people. I still find it odd that Tinder tells me to 'keep playing', as though my love life is some sort of gay Temple Run.
I believe in celebrating love, but I believe in celebrating it every day. Love isn't about material things, it's about supporting one another, laughing together, listening and comforting; it's about being a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on.
Older people across London are sharing incredibly poignant stories of love and loss as part of a powerful photography exhibition
This February The Huffington Post UK is running Making Modern Love, a fortnight-long focus on what love means to Britons
After weeks of muffled communication, solely centred around Winnie and her needs, I laid in bed one night unable to sleep. With my husband snoring next to me, I rolled over to look at him.
At a book festival a few months ago, I claimed that the evidence suggests that we underestimate how important a woman's intelligence is to men who are seeking a life-partner, whereas we overestimate how important a woman's breast size is. Over the coming days the UK press translated this into 'Cambridge Professor Says Brains More Important Than Boobs"...
The point is is that as users we are still figuring out what the 'right' things are to do, and what social protocol is. It's hard to suss out what what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.' The point of Social Media Break Up Coordinator sessions were to help people figure out what they wanted to do so we could figure out how to do it.
Men and women have come together to discuss the importance of having a supportive and loving network when you're transgender
They say the path to true love never did run smooth, but that's a bit of an understatement for some of the team here at HuffPost