If they were giving out prizes for the most inappropriately dressed person at a mammogram appointment, I'd win hands down. I did give my clothing some thought in the morning, quite a lot of thought actually, just reached the wrong conclusions.
Just as each year we proudly wear Poppy pins to commemorate the individuals who fought in battles for this great nation, so too must we remember those who have lost, are fighting and are yet to fight the greatest battle of their lives against breast cancer
Michaela Strachan has revealed that she has had surgery to remove both her breasts, after being told she had cancer. The
Unlike the three desperados men who attempted to raise money for breast cancer by 'motorboating' for charity (that's rubbing
Researchers have found that young black women aged 40 or younger in the UK have a higher risk of breast cancer coming back
Breast screening with 3D mammograms increases the detection rate of tumours by a third, a study has found. Scientists compared
Call me naïve, but at no point did it even occur to me that they might be doing these tests because they thought I had cancer. On Friday 22 June, I skipped out of work and to my appointment. "Did you bring anyone with you today?" the nurse asked. And that was the moment I knew.
The defensive role mammogram screening plays in the early stages of breast cancer has been disputed by Swedish researchers
British scientists have developed a revolutionary breast-screening system that uses anti-landmine technology to detect cancer