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Given the positive reaction both Chelsea and West Ham fans have had to their clubs' support of the living wage, it's hard to understand why this is such a battle. A survey for the GMB union found that 84% of football supporters want Premier League and Football League clubs to pay their staff a wage they can live on. It's the right thing to do, and the goodwill that paying the living wage would create would be huge. Making sure people are paid a decent wage is not just the right thing to do, it's good for working families, it's good for business and it's good for the economy.
This may sound a little trivial, but Ryan Giggs looks very much like someone who could succeed at United. From his press conference before the game at Norwich and until he walked off the pitch, the 40-year-old oozed confidence and passion for the role.
And just like that, it is finished. It's been a nightmarish and arduous 10 months in the Old Trafford hot seat for David Moyes, and, having served up a feast of failure during his time in Manchester, it is perhaps fitting that the all-powerful United deities chose Easter weekend to publicly sacrifice their 'chosen one'.
After watching his side systematically dismantled at home to Liverpool at the weekend, David Moyes must be wondering if his tenure at Old Trafford could be any worse. Unfortunately for him, come Thursday morning, it definitely could - and it likely will. As United lick their wounds following that 3-0 humiliation inflicted by their fierce rivals, their Champions League status also hangs finely in the balance.
He came, he saw, he conquered: Nemanja Vidic is about to face the exit sign at Old Trafford and here's my take on the great Serbian rock, who could've been even greater, as he's currently preparing for a new chapter dressed in black and blue in Milano.
If you're not a United supporter, then it really is a blessing in disguise. United's previous dominance in the league has pretty much all but disappeared and the 'epic' draw against Fulham has seen them possibly losing out on a Champions League place and that all important top four finish.
When Ashley Young starts a game or is introduced as a substitute the Twitterati has an ever growing tendency to complain. Is this attitude inflicted due to his inconsistency or has the England international become a scapegoat? Under David Moyes, Ashley Young is having one of his better seasons at Manchester United.
There are many great Britons who in the eyes of Winston Churchill, 'made the weather,' on route to their success. There is only one great Briton though who has been able to make time, specifically 'Fergie time'.
Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has insisted that he is not embarrassed by his team's European exit, reports the
Bebe never should have found himself at Man United, maybe not even a Premier League team let alone one of the world's biggest and best sides. You