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Manchester United are a bit like Brexit. Most of the time they're brought up, people either fall over themselves with delight or roll their eyes and act disgusted.
It is over the next three weeks that we can only begin to cast true judgement over this current United team's credentials as potential champions, and whether or not they can be a force in European football once again.
​The Premier League summer transfer window is now in full swing, with all 20 clubs having conducted at least some business. High profile moves like Raheem Sterling's record transfer to Manchester City may have dominated the headlines, but what about some of the deals that just seem to make incredible sense?
Manchester United players are being investigated for a lewd video recorded in a nightclub toilet which was then sent around
The 3-5-2 is a notoriously hard formation to get right. It requires very specific types of players who know their role inside out, but if done correctly it is arguably the best there is and with minor additions and alterations United would actually be incredibly well suited to it.
While he perhaps does not receive the acclaim some feel he deserves, Blind is one of United's most important players at present and with the hectic festive period looming, the midfielder's absence is likely to seriously dent their chances of returning to Europe's elite competition.
Chelsea look ominous, Liverpool and Man Utd look unlikely to compete at the top due to complete defensive inadequacy, while the North London teams look set for another groundhog season of raised then dashed hopes - though hope then dejection has pretty much already taken place at Spurs.
Louis van Gaal is regularly lauded as one of the great coaches of his generation and has won seven league titles with four different clubs across three countries. As such, Manchester United fans will understandably be hoping that his arrival at Old Trafford after the World Cup will signal a huge upturn in their club's fortunes after a dismal 10 months with David Moyes at the helm.
It's true that hasty decisions and unreasonable sackings are ruining football, but surely Wenger's time was up a long time ago and winning the FA Cup final against Hull proves nothing about Wenger's suitability as Arsenal manager.
Many fans have voiced their positive opinion on Ryan Giggs to be the next permanent manager of Manchester United, but despite the romatic setting, United have to go for someone else. Here are five reasons why United's number 11 is not the right choice at this point.