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As a Man United fan, the end to this inexorable Premier League season is as excruciating as root canal surgery. In many ways I'd prefer to be on a dentist's chair, mouth gaping.
I'm not saying derby day victories are necessarily bigger than winning trophies, of course they aren't, but when clubs are unlikely to lift said trophies, then the derby triumph is the next best thing.
Saturday, 3.30 pm, Old Trafford. My team, the great Manchester United is labouring against the ostensibly average West Bromwich Albion. The home fans are becoming unsettled, and rightly so: I've seen better performances in the park on a Sunday afternoon. And then it happened...
With the dust only just settling on the most illustrious managerial career in football, it's been hard to find a bad word written about Sir Alex Ferguson. However, now he's officially retired, the time has come to examine some of his lesser moments.
If this was a political leader being talked about then the current appraisal of Sir Alex's achievements would be nothing less than a whitewash, with dissenters seemingly shoved off to the side of any major media outlets.
Roberto Mancini's sacking, is one of the most absurd I've seen in a long time. Ok, so he had money, but that doesn't airbrush over the enormity of his achievements. Before Mancini, City had not won a major trophy in 35 years. By the end of his third season, they had won three.
It is quite likely over the rest of the season the inability of Manchester United's keeper to deal with corners and the attendant publicity will lead to free-kicks, yellow cards and possibly worse going against West Ham by referees routinely cowed by the bigger clubs.
Football is tribal, football is cathartic, football is where you get to let off some steam after gritting your teeth all week. And, for all of that, you need someone to hate.