England and Italy's footballing rivalry is a long, if unremarkable one, with tensions rarely more fraught than they were
The Brazilian city of Manaus, the host of England’s opening World Cup game, has declared a state of emergency. According
"Circumstances could make the decision a very good one or it could make it a very bad one," Roy Hodgson said of Ashley Cole's
England coach Roy Hodgson experienced the humid climate of Manaus on Monday as he visited the Brazilian jungle city for the
Now that Cristiano Ronaldo has earned a second Balon d' Or it might be time for FIFA to award the first Golden Crosswalk to Brazil, where the answer to whether World Cup fans or vehicles have the right-of- way at an intersection in the Land of the Samba is as straight as a free kick by David Beckham.
Roy Hodgson is dreading the prospect of England playing one of their World Cup matches in the Manaus jungle. The draw for
Once I'd finished the contract with the Secretary of Education I flew down to Leticia at the southernmost tip of Colombia in the Amazon region. From there I walked across the border into the Brazilian town of Tabatinga to buy a hammock and hop a ferry down the Amazon to Manaus.