Manchester Bombing 2017

Unity is a constant, worthwhile struggle. Let's try every day to create connections as Raheal did, break through barriers, and have the strength to question, reflect and demand more of ourselves.
'It’s not easy to always choose love, especially in moments like these, right?'
Tweets calling for the group to "have a little respect" suggest that what a woman wears bears more importance than her actions. Little Mix didn't "make it about themselves" by wearing "skimpy" outfits, any more than Liam Gallagher made it about himself by wearing an orange raincoat.
We have some big choices to make this week. From whether we go to that concert, or allow our children on that school trip and, of course, we have an election we need to get out and cast our vote for.
'The kind of love and unity you are displaying is the medicine the world needs right now.'
Some 60,000 people are in attendance at the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground.
Police have also confirmed extra security will be in place at the event.
'We’re all here hoping that a little bit of celebration is a nice thing.'
She will return to the stage to raise money for those affected by the attack.