Manchester City

Football is back! It's finally back! As such, its time to dive into some predictions that will be completely forgotten after the first set of results prove them to be completely meaningless. Unless they are somehow accurate at the end of the season, in which case I will be retiring from football journalism to become a full time Paul the Octopus impersonator. I'm pretty sure there's more money in that anyway.
As we draw closer to yet another Premier League season, the big question on everyone's lips here is: are we in for another shock season? Are we going to see another Leicester City rise up and take the crown? Or will the fabled old guard step up this season and reassert their dominance upon the league...
A side can take time to gel, but with United fans now having waited so long since Fergie's retirement to challenge for the title, I don't think Mourinho and his team will be afforded this luxury. But maybe this is the kind of pressure they can thrive under. And with this incredible talent coming in to the side, United can become a force to be reckoned with again.
It's perhaps worth noting that Guardiola inherited incredible groups of players of players at both Barcelona and Bayern Munich, tasked simply with adapting the focus and putting his own style and tactics into use. He's never before had a challenge like this one that required real building and that is enough to plant a seed of doubt until results can prove otherwise.
I'm a little confused about Leicester. On the one hand, Musa, Mendy and Zieler are nothing more than decent Europa League signings. Normally, a title-winning side would be torn apart for these kind of transfers...
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There doesn't appear to be any chance of recovering a working relationship between Guardiola and Toure looking at comments published in the past, but disregarding the bad taste, Pep will certainly not carry any passengers when he arrives in Manchester. Toure's time is up. Everybody recognises that now. And while we should look back fondly on his time in England, his time to move on has been long overdue.
Let the record show that City astonishingly failed to win consecutive league games between mid-October and early April when, finally, a 4-0 win over Bournemouth was backed up by a scrappy and arguably undeserved victory against West Brom.
With the 2015/16 Premier League season nearing an end, the 2016/17 football kits are already being 'revealed'. So far Arsenal