"She was one of those who knew apartheid would be defeated even when people would have thought that... she would buckle under," said Ramaphosa.
The old SA flag causes a stir, state capture inquiry intensifies and Shekinah Donnell is having an FTW 2017.
The youth are rejecting the legacy of apartheid and of our failed democratic project. Why would they celebrate equal rights without equal opportunity?
The unnamed man is expected back in a Johannesburg court within days to apply for bail.
If I'm honest, the idea of making this album was an afterthought. I spent eight months working on Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Mandela was really into his music and part of my research was to understand what he liked. What I probably didn't realise at the time was just how much there was to discover. In the course of that journey, I felt like I discovered the roots of South African music. And there was so much to discover! South Africa has over 60 different tribes, and each has its own style of musical expression and its own unique style.
Twenty years ago I was standing in a mixed race voting line, all of us petrified of what lay ahead and now here we are in a democratic South Africa. As a 50 something year old gay white male that has lived in this country his entire life, I can assure you it has been no bed of roses, and is still not anywhere near one.
I think all of us who have attended an International AIDS Conference in some capacity will agree that events of this kind are few and far between. I go to many conferences both as a delegate and speaker and nothing rivals the pure energy, colour and emotion that International AIDS conferences bring to the people that attend them, in the first instance and secondly, to the cities that host them...
In the epoch of the twitterati - when culture is more and more served to us in palatable, postmodern, bite-sized fragments, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is pure old-school - providing the grand narrative of a life very much in the style of the epic film of yore - think Ghandi or Ben-Hur, for instance.
It's been quite a month and I had planned on beginning this blog with an initial reflection on the recent ICAAP conference in Bangkok but that has been superseded by the passing of Nelson Mandela, a champion of the HIV/AIDS cause.
There were many contenders, but the contest for the act that best sanctified the memory of Nelson Mandela was won by the handshake of Barack Obama and Raul Castro. That two such men could, but for a moment, be so cordial and content with one another attests to how he was regarded by so many sides. The eulogies and the emotions expressed by South Africans of all colours exhibited how much Mandela did for his people.