I recently became a father for the second time. Only this time, I became the father of a little girl. And while the prospect of having a daughter became extremely appealing to the point that I am coming out today as a proud male feminist, it has not always been the case. Let me share with you my point of view and my thought process.
Carl Chamberlain is a spoken word poet, open mic host and story-teller living in London. In this vlog for HuffPost UK he talks about why he chose to be photographed for Manhood: The Bare Reality, a a collection of photographs and interviews in which men from all walks of life bare all and discuss what masculinity means to them.
At Axe, we want to shine a spotlight on the dangers of toxic masculinity and destroy the 'Man Box', getting everyone to see that an inclusive model of masculinity benefits men, women, and ultimately, society.
Other men seek their salvation in the ring by punching seven bells out of a component to not only prove their manliness, but to release their own pain of losing a father to suicide. Who would want to argue whether its sweat or tears rolling off his rippled body?
Guys, at what age do you feel most like a man? And what makes you feel that way? We're not talking about being able to get
It was evident to us that an urgent conversation needed to be had around men, whether that was to do with dating and relationships
Stories about men as toxic, as bad boys, are so much part of the cultural lexicon, that when I lecture, audiences are sometimes perplexed by the idea of providing specific services for vulnerable men. This is despite explaining that thousands of men commit suicide every year in the UK, 4552 in 2011, three times the rate of women.
British men typically have bigger penises than their French counterparts but are less well endowed than Germans, a new study