Manic Depression

For all of the people that think Bipolar is some sort of mental health illness that is 99% depression, well from my point of view it isn't 'all that'. Yes I have my down days but I'm lucky because most of mine are 'up' days - or whatever you would like to call them.
The delay in getting treatment can be disastrous with people self harming, becoming more anxious, crisis' can occur and people just aren't getting the help that they so very desperately need which in turn puts a massive strain on the patient and also (possibly) their families.
Thank you for fixing my household goods for example when I feel like the world has ended all because I've totally ruined a tin opener trying to open a tin of corned beef. Times like that I can get so frustrated for no reason and I feel like I could just 'smash a plate' - ridiculous I know.
It's not like I have a broken leg or skin condition that is visible to the naked eye. I have an illness which is invisible; however I dislike seeing it as an illness, more of an ability at times no matter how bizarre that may sound. I believe it is what has driven me to be successful in what I do.
I wrote a blog titled "Bipolar I can't 'Keep Calm and Carry On'" now that may seem contradictory to what I am going to say
Bipolar makes me hate you, dislike you and it even makes me think that I momentarily never want to speak to you again. I don't hate you really. I don't know why I am like this but I am at times irritable and agitated.
Victoria Ando, from St Hugh's College, University of Oxford has recently published a study entitled 'Psychotic traits in
My second best friend (Yes, I've OD'd on Mr Freezes again) is a manic depressive as well. Unlike me she's gets more down than up. When together, our behaviour changes based on this and no get together has ever been the same.
Stephen Fry has revealed he attempted suicide last year in what he described as "a close run thing". The actor and writer
After about ten years of waking up every morning - thats 3,650 times - wishing I could go to Prague and wander through narrow cobbled streets, staring up at dolls houses the size of mansions, and pay 50p for a pint of vodka.. I actually went last week. I can now tick that off my bucket list.